About Kristine Deray

Kristine Deray is an artist and design consultant. Her creative practice is interdisciplinary spanning, design, visual arts, human computer interaction, and, human movement. Kristine has a continuing interest and engagement with the lived experience of people and how interaction with space and the art and / or design object can shape such experience. In particular she is engaged with the exploration and the application of process based work that appeal to people’s sensory systems through the materiality and behaviour of the work. Through the exploration of people’s affectiKristine Deray - Elasticiesve responses she engages with the exploration and the application of novel interfaces that are based on physical metaphors. Design methods and tools for experimental, human centered and participatory design form an integral part of her ongoing research and professional activity.

As an academic Kristine worked as a Senior Lecturer in Design at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) till 2013. Prior to her UTS appointment she was an Associate Lecturer at the University of Queensland in the Information Environments Program, or as it became later known, the Interaction Design Program. She was a core member of the Locative Design Lab Research Group, and a member of the Creative and Civil Societies research strength at UTS.

She holds a PhD in Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) as well as a Master in Visual Arts. Her doctorate research focused on the nature of interaction and how to interpret, represent and analyse such negotiations by capturing their dynamics. She has published in significant conferences and journals, both nationally and internationally, focused on the nature of interaction and human visualisation technologies. Residencies and research fellow positions she has been invited to hold, as well as, the successful attainment of research grants demonstrate recognition of her scholarship. Notably, in 2011 she was invited by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) to contribute to current research development themes in the content analysis of human behavior patterns in digital ecologies. She ‘loved’ Rome and hopes to return in the near future to the ‘Eternal City’ to continue working with the National Research Council on collaborative research.

Other creative residencies crossing art / design, include the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam (SNOD) (now part of the Amsterdam School of the Arts, de Theaterschool) and, the School of Art, Australian National University (ANU) Canberra.

Kristine has been awarded competitive funding / grants including State and Federal funding in health care service design; Australia Council for the Arts in the area of Visual Arts as a sole practitioner and in the area of Performance Arts for collaborative work; and, she has been awarded several internal academic grants at UTS to continue and develop her research. Her visual art has been exhibited in the Australian National Gallery, Canberra, the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney (in Australian Perspecta), Heide Museum of Modern Art, Victoria, Australia; Penrith Regional Gallery, NSW Australia; as well as commercial spaces, for example, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, to name a few.

Kristine is currently a director of the creative consultancy ‘elasticities’. In 2015 Kristine will produce an interactive installation, ‘Ecology Poles,’ hosted at the Australian National Maritime Museum. ANMM. The installation will explore 3D visualization of data on the theme of climate change. As well she is currently focused on a large story telling project that aims to ‘frame’ a national conversation around water and it’s meaning to people in a continent that has an ever increasing dry climate.